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 Modernizing Hudson River Hydropower

Green Island Power Authority is at the forefront of New York State’s ambitions to develop and deliver even more power from renewable sources. GIPA is working with highly skilled engineers and contractors to boost the capacity of the current Green Island Plant with plans for a longer term expansion project.

In July, 2000 Green Island Power Authority took over a decrepit and inefficient Hudson River Hydroelectric Station. The plant was a long way from its days of ingenuity helping to run Ford’s nearby motor plant. GIPA has rejuvenated this facility and has engineered even more capacity beyond what Ford and later owners, like Niagara Mohawk, had ever produced. The complete overhaul resulted in increased capacity from 2 Megawatts to 7 Megawatts.

On April 14, 2008 United States Senator Chuck Schumer and U.S. Congressman Paul Tonko joined with Village of Green Island Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan, Green Island Power Authority, and other state and local elected officials to unveil the plans for GIPA’s proposed $100 million expansion of their Hudson River hydroelectric facility.

GIPA has a strong commitment to environmental protection and serving the public good. We will continue to be a part of the solution for New York State’s efforts to develop more efficient sources of power.