Public Works

Anthony Cesare, Commissioner
Steve Mason, Foreman
Larry Brown
Austin Jones

50 Cohoes Avenue
Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 273-5565
*Please call the Village Office at 518-273-2201 for bulk pick-up questions

The Department of Public Works provides essential services that are an integral part of our Village’s everyday life. The delivery of services is key in maintaining and improving the quality of life for our residents and businesses.

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of:

  • The streets we drive on
  • Storm and wastewater collection system maintenance
  • Snow and ice control
  • Leaf collection
  • Street sweeping
  • Water main repairs
  • Recycling and garbage collection.

Download our ALERT NOTIFICATION FORM here. Complete form can be emailed to or dropped off at the Village Office (via mail slot)

The streets are generally plowed in the following order. However, this procedure is “subject to change” based upon various emergency conditions, which might arise.

1. Clinton Street      9. James Street               17. Hamilton Street
2. Tibbits Avenue   10. High Street               18. Market Street
3. George Street      11. West Street               19. Albany Avenue
4. Hudson Avenue  12. John Street               20. Lower End Streets
5. Arch Street           13. Swan Street                Walnut, Harlem, Saratoga,
6. Bleecker Street    14. Lafayette Street          Pine, Thames, Whitehall,

7. Center Street       15. Lafayette Park             Cannon
8. Paine Street         16. Lower Paine Street  21. Lower Hudson Avenue

All vehicles which are not moved for snow plowing operations will be ticketed and towed. The fine is $125.00, the fee for towing is an additional $125.00 and there will be a storage fee of $10.00 per day after the first 24 hours (fines increased as of January 2020). All fines and fees must be paid at the Green Island Village Offices before the vehicle is released. There will be an additional charge if special equipment is required to move a vehicle from the street.

All fines and fees must be paid and a receipt obtained before the vehicle is released. Here are the options for paying your fine:
1. For online payment, go to https:/ You will receive an email confirmation of payment. The confirmation can be presented to the Officers for release of your vehicle. This is the easiest and most efficient way to make payment.
2. You can submit payment for the full amount in an envelope through the door slot at the Village Office. Once submitted, you will need to contact the Parking Violation Bureau at 518-273-2201 to request a receipt for that payment. Hours are Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 9am to 12:30pm and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Once on the line, you will receive instructions for obtaining your receipt.
3. You can submit full payment by mail to Village of Green Island, Parking Violations Bureau, 20 Clinton Street, Green Island, New York, 12183. Your receipt will be mailed back to you. This is the slowest and least efficient method of paying your fine and will result in delay of the return of your vehicle. You will be subject to additional storage fee by using this method.

Please contact the Parking Violations Bureau at 518-273-2201 if you have any questions.

Residents who are on vacation, work out-of-town or who leave their cars on the streets for any reason should make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to move their car for snow plowing operations.

The Department of Public Works does an excellent job of keeping our streets open for travel and emergencies until the storm ends and the regular snow plowing operation can be carried out. Some people who have had their cars towed during the past storms have complained that they have moved their car to streets they thought had been plowed and find out that they have not been completely plowed. In order to avoid this problem, PLEASE CHECK WITH A POLICE OFFICER, OR SOMEONE IN CHARGE OF THE SNOW PLOWING OPERATIONS, BEFORE YOU PARK YOUR CAR ON ANY STREET YOU THINK HAS BEEN PLOWED.

The Police Department travels the streets to announce the time that snowplowing operations will begin. If you do not hear the announcement, it will not be considered a legitimate excuse for not moving your vehicle. The Village will also be using the Emergency Alert System to notify residents. Forms to register can be picked up and dropped off at the Village Office. Forms can also be downloaded on our website home page at Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.