Green Island Hometown Heroes Banner Program


Honor and recognize Green Island servicemen and women who have served or given their lives to our country in the United States Armed Forces. (applications due by 1/31/19)

Application Requirements

In order to be considered for a banner, the nominee must meet the following requirements:

  1. Lived in the Village of Green Island at some point in their lifetime.
  2. Served in one of the following branches: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard
  3. Meet one of the following criteria: currently be active duty, be an honorably discharged veteran, died in the line of duty.

Banner Design, Time Frame & Location

Banners are double sided, vinyl material and include the service person’s name, branch of service and photograph.  Banners of those who have died in the line of duty will be designated with a gold star.  Banners will be displayed for a two-year period on the decorative light posts on Veterans’ Memorial Drive and north of Tibbit’s Avenue on Cannon Street.  Banner locations will be selected randomly and specific display locations cannot be requested.  Once the banners are removed they will be available at the Village Office to be picked up by the person who submitted the application.

Banner Photograph

A 5 x7 high quality photo of the Service Person in uniform is required.  There may be no additional people in the photograph.  Please do not send an original photo.  The photo WILL NOT be returned.

Banner Pricing

A $200 application fee is required for each banner application submitted.  This fee is for the production, installation and removal of each banner.  The Village of Green Island is not responsible for replacing banners that are stolen, damaged or destroyed due to age, vandalism, or any acts of nature including high winds.

Application Process

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Click HERE to print the application; they are also available at the Village and Town offices.  An application package must include a completed Application Form, proof of Military Service (DD214, military ID, etc.), a 5 x 7 high quality photo and a $200 check payable to Green Island Hometown Heroes (reference “Banner Program” on the check and mail to Green Island  Hometown Heroes Banner Program, 69 Hudson Avenue, Green Island, New York 12183.  The deadline to submit your application is January 31, 2019.  NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED OR ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.  If your application is accepted you will also receive a proof to approve before the banner is created.  The Village of Green Island will not be responsible for any banner errors that were approved by the applicant.  Any application package that is not accepted will be returned to the applicant.

Contact & Questions

For questions or more information please call Kristin at 518-271-9397 or email