Industrial Park Businesses

The success of the Green Island Industrial Development Agency can be seen most clearly by observing the assortment of businesses we have successfully brought into our Industrial Park. The following businesses have furthered our goals by providing jobs and bringing prosperity to the residents of Green Island and the greater Capital Region.

Arcadia Supply, Inc.:
80 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 434-6213
Fax: (518) 434-2527

Arcadia offers some of the largest up to date comprehensive fabrication equipment in the country. Their arsenal of multi-head over sized water-jet, laser and processing equipment far exceeds industry standards. Arcadia prides their selves on meeting even the most challenging of their customer’s needs by delivering quickly and efficiently, and filling orders for hard to find materials.

Carioto Produce & Seafood:
80 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 273-2700

Carioto Produce and Seafood provides fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood to restaurants, food service, and grocery stores, as well as education and healthcare facilities. They take great pride in the freshness and quality of the food they supply.

Case Window & Door:
195 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (800) 227-3957

Case Window & Door is an expert manufacturer of both Classic European and Contemporary windows and doors including Tuscan and French Casement windows.


Comfort Winair:
60 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 272-2022

Comfort Winair is a full service wholesale distributor for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration products. They follow a ‘get it done right’ attitude that is sure to please contractors. Their location offers the distinct benefit of being locally accountable, while they maintain status as a large, nationwide supplier.

Crown Wood Floors:
60 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 274-5000
Fax: (518) 274-5005

Crown Wood Floors offers wood flooring as well as flooring installation and finishing. They are a national company with over 35 years of experience, offering a wide range of products and services, including foreign and domestic, pre-finish/unfinished, and finished floors.

Crystal-IS Inc.:
70 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 271-7375
Fax: (518)271-7394

Crystal-IS Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of Ultraviolet LED’s, based on aluminum nitride substrate technology. Their technology allows them to manufacture high performance UV LED’s at a reasonable commercial cost. These LED’s will open doors to entire new markets of water disinfection, bringing clean water to more people worldwide.

Ecovative Design:
80 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 273-3753

Ecovative Design utilizes new technologies and groundbreaking new materials to create sustainable and affordable products that are environmentally friendly, providing a unique and appealing alternative to unsustainable plastics and foams.

General Control Systems, Inc.:
60 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 270-8045

General Control Systems is an integrator and manufacturer of custom control systems, with their main focuses on water and wastewater, SCADA, PLC Systems, Process Control and the Industrial Automation marketplace.

Long Island Pipe Supply of Albany:
75 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 270-2159
Fax: (518) 270-8384

Long Island Pipe has supplied the Capital Region with fire sprinkler pipes, valves, fittings, devices, and accessories for over 30 years. They carry a wide selection of nationally known brands at competitive prices, and have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that will help fulfill the company’s goals of fast and reliable delivery.

National Loop Company, Inc.:
70 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 272-5365
Fax: (518) 272-5368

National Loop has been dedicated to providing quality products and excellent customer service to the area for over 10 years. They provide preformed detection loop products for installers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Nipple & Pipe Manufacturing of Green Island (formerly Albany Pipe & Nipple):
75 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 270-2162

Northeast Health/Northeast Home Medical Equipment:
60 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 271-9600

Northeast Home Medical Equipment provides a broad range of medical equipment that allows for people to recuperate in the comfort of their own home rather than in a medical facility. Their medical equipment technicians and staff can provide you with free delivery, set-up, and instructions.

NY Bar Association
70 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183

Reliable Brothers Inc.:
185 Cohoes Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 273-6732

Reliable Brothers Inc. supplies the finest meats to restaurants, country clubs, institutions and award-winning chefs in the Capital Region, and around the world.

Sealy Mattress Company:
30 Veterans Memorial Drive Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 880-1600

Employing over 300 people, the Sealy factory in Green Island produces mattresses that help maintain Sealy Mattress Company’s three-decade dominance in terms of market share, and meeting its goal of making the world sleep better.

Silhouette Optical Ltd.:
260 Cannon Street Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 272-5500
Fax: (518) 272-5700

Silhouette Optical Ltd. is an Austrian-based company, with its U.S Headquarters located right here in Green Island. Silhouette Optical specializes in the production of rimless eyewear.

Huersch Marketing Group/Terra Green Packaging:
2A Tibbits Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: 1-800-611-0280

Terra Green Packaging offers a variety of services including packaging, labeling, printing, and fulfillment programs. Their goal is to save you and your company time, money, and resources. All of Terra Green’s packaging is eco friendly.

Other Businesses

Honeywell Friction Materials:
3 Tibbits Avenue Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 270-0200

Honeywell Friction Materials manufactures and supplies automotive brake friction materials and products, including brake pads and drum brake linings. These materials and products are used in cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles, as well as aircraft, trains, and a variety of other industrial applications around the world.

Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions:
68 George Street Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 273-6320

Lydall designs and manufactures engineered specialty products for thermal markets, and makes it their goal to deliver high quality and innovative products. They are an expert source for industrial thermal and insulating solutions.

Catskill Hudson Bank:
148 George Street Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 400-1280 Fax: 518-874-1671

Catskill Hudson Bank has been serving the Capital Region and Mid-Hudson Region since 1993. Catskill Hudson Bank is a local bank whose emphasis and focus is on the local community and technology focused banking. Catskill Hudson Bank has a knowledgeable staff with years of experience.