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20 Clinton Street
Green Island, NY 12183
Open: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Executive Office:
69 Hudson Avenue
Green Island, NY 12183
(Phone) 518-271-9397
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Open: Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Limited Moratorium on Disconnections
Click HERE for guidelines for implementation of a moratorium on terminations and disconnection of public utilities (Electric, Water, Sewer, Telephone, Gas) for those with documented hardship during the COVID emergency.


America’s energy infrastructure is the foundation of our economy. Social and economic demands have made electricity essential to the standard of living we all enjoy. Availability and cost have become a daily news topic and how the industry should be managed and regulated is still being debated. One thing is certain and that is reliable low cost municipal power has been key to our community’s economic development program. In addition to economic development, the people in our community have saved thousands and thousands of dollars on their residential power purchases because of the availability of public power in the Village of Green Island.

Most people in the Capital District are not aware that electric customers in the Village are served by the Green Island Power Authority (GIPA) and not by the area’s traditional operating utility. Public power is not new to Green Island. In 1895 Village officials formed the Green Island Electric Company which generated and distributed power until 1916. In 1916 Village officials lost the ability to generate power and were forced to enter into a bulk power agreement. This arrangement still provided power to the community at a significantly reduced rate. Village officials seized the opportunity to further reduce power costs in 1978 when they entered into a long-term power agreement with the New York State Power Authority. Recognizing industry changes, market demands and the complexities of the operation, officials proposed that an independent municipal authority be formed to manage and operate its’ public power program. In 1986, the Green Island Power Authority was created by an Act of the New York State Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Cuomo. GIPA is one of only three public power authorities in the State of New York.

Measuring public good and benefits is sometimes difficult especially when people are skeptical of the government. This clearly is not the case with the Green Island Power Authority. The people of this community save real dollars every day. Every time they turn on a light or use an appliance they save money. Lower energy costs make our businesses and industries more competitive. They paid less money for energy yesterday, pay less for it today and will continue to pay less for it tomorrow. This is the message we give to the prospective businesses and manufacturing companies that we talk to about locating in our community. The people benefit again when a new business moves to our community because it expands our tax base and provides job opportunities for the entire Capital Region.