Police Department

Christopher Parker, Chief

73 George Street
Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 273-2401
Fax: (518) 266-9614
For emergencies please dial 911

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The Village of Green Island Police Department is committed to ensuring public safety through law enforcement, education and exceptional service, while performing with the highest level of integrity and assuring all individuals dignity and respect. The Police Department has been around since the 1800’s, and continues to serve and protect the community.

Frequently Requested Forms:

  1. Request For Incident/Accident Report-  Reports may be requested by any person or company that is listed within the report being requested.
  2. Citizen Complaint Form-  No anonymous or third party complaints will be entertained.  The complaint must be filled out by the person making such complaint.
  3. Emergency Contact Information For Businesses-  The Police Department would like to obtain emergency contact information for your business in case there is an emergency after hours.