Building Department

Maggie Alix, Building Inspector

75 Hudson Avenue
Green Island, NY 12183
Phone: (518) 629-0367 or (518) 273-2201

The Building Department inspects structures for compliance with building codes and ordinances, structural quality, and zoning regulations.

Contact the Building Department for:

  • Building permits
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Insulation requirements
  • Information on new buildings or building lots
  • Building alterations or additions
  • Enforcement of state and local building codes
  • Heating and chimney alterations
  • Disabled access requirements
  • Housing code enforcement
  • Zoning Code and maps
  • Wood stove installation
  • Decks, sheds, fences and detached garages
  • Any land alterations

Curb Cut/Off Street Parking Requests:

The Village Board adopted new guidelines on Monday, April 20, 2015 to determine potential eligibility for curb cut or off street parking requests. Click here for link to the adopted guidelines and click here for a schematic of the curb cut plan template. Please refer to these documents to help determine if you may be eligible to make a request.

All requests must be sent in writing and mailed or hand delivered to:

Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan
Village of Green Island
20 Clinton Street
Green Island, New York 12183

They may also be sent via email to The request should include a letter stating your intentions as well as contact information of the requestor. It must also include a narrative of how you will address each specific guideline. On a separate sheet, you must show a diagram or map of your lot (and adjacent properties as well) and include exact measurements showing compliance as depicted in the curb cut plan.

The Village Board will review and must authorize any curb cut requests before construction.

Please contact Maggie Alix at 273-2201 or with any questions.