Customer Service

Customer FAQs – click HERE for a printable version

  • Electric bills are due on the 15th of every month, unless it lands on a weekend or holiday; then it is the following business day
  • You can pay with Cash, Check or Money Order at the Village Office, via the mail slot on the front door, or via mail. You are able to make Debit/Credit payments on our website only at Instructions are below.
  • Pick-up for bulk items that can’t go into the garbage barrel can be picked up on Thursday’s. You must contact the Village Office at 518-273-2201 to schedule and make payment. Visit for more info.
  • Recyclables go into clear plastic bags and must be placed outside of the garbage barrel. Cardboard must be flattened and stacked/tied.
  • Lawn bags can go out on garbage day also, with ONLY leaf/grass inside of them. (No dirt or stone)
  • You can register for Everbridge notifications at the Village Office or via this link to receive notifications by phone, text and/or email when there are important things happening in the Village (snow removal, spring street cleaning, planned water/electric outages, etc)
  • IMPORTANT: During snow removal and spring street cleaning, your car MUST be removed from the street until that street is completely done. Please note: if you move your vehicle to another street while snow removal/cleaning is still going on, your car must be moved from that street also if has not been completed yet.

Online Payment Instructions

  • Go to
  • Hover over Services on the header, select Pay Utilities Online
  • You will need to register your account, if you haven’t already
  • Click on where it says Don’t have an account? Register here
  • Select the service you are registering for via the dropdown (Green Island Power Authority or Water & Sewer)
  • Register your account as your bill shows, with name, account number, etc
  • Please be patient, sometimes the website is slow


Click HERE for a printable version
Each month, the Green Island Power Authority (GIPA) generates and sends you a bill for the energy you used during that billing period. Below are explanations of the various charges that appear on your monthly billing statement. Please call the billing office if you have any additional questions that are not addressed below.

Base Rate
The first two lines of your bill combine to form our base rate and these rates are determined after the approval of a rate case. The first line is calculated by multiplying the KWH used by the fixed rate of 0.06588. The Customer Charge is also a fixed charge of $1.84 per month, no matter how much electricity is used. These amounts are used to help recover the costs associated with maintaining and operating our distribution system (meter reading, equipment, repairs, vehicles, billing, personnel, etc.).

PPAC Reading
The Purchase Power Adjustment Charge (PPAC) is a way for GIPA to recover the cost for the generation and transmission of power to GIPA’s substation, as well as State assessments. Part of this charge is for the costs that GIPA incurs related to purchasing the energy used by our customers. This is a variable charge and will fluctuate every month. All power used within the Village is purchased through a contract with the New York Power Authority (NYPA). GIPA is billed monthly by the NYPA. The total amount paid by GIPA in one month is then used to calculate the PPAC rate that customers are charged in the bill they receive the following month. GIPA does not have any control over rates and the rate customers are charged reflects the exact amount that GIPA has paid to purchase power. These rates can fluctuate greatly based on extreme weather as well as the price of gas, which is used to produce electricity.

Power is purchased from the NYPA and is brought from outside the Village to the GIPA substation using National Grid’s transmission lines. GIPA receives a bill from National Grid on a monthly basis for the use of the transmission lines. This cost is included in the PPAC rate.

State mandated assessments are also included in the PPAC rate. These amounts are set by the State and the funds are used by the State. GIPA receives a bill from the State for the amount that we are required to collect from our customers and send to the State.

The NYPA reviews and approves the PPAC rate calculation monthly.

Current Charges
Current charges are determined by adding the above charges together. Residential customers are not required to pay any tax for their electric usage.

Previous Balance and Penalty
Any amount due and not paid by the previous due date will appear as a previous balance and this amount is subject to a 1.5% penalty. Please note that monthly bills are typically calculated and printed a few days after the previous due date. For example, the bill for your December 2021 usage was calculated and printed on January 20, 2022 and was due by February 15, 2022. If you made a payment more than a few days after that due date it is very likely that your next bill was already printed and mailed to you and includes a previous balance in the total amount due, even though you have made the payment for the previous balance. Please call the billing office if you need to confirm that your payment was received and you will be given an updated total amount due.

What is the 2011 rate schedule?
Please click here to view a PDF containing the 2011 rate schedule.

Please click HERE for a summary of your rights and responsibilities as a GIPA customer.

Request for historical billing information for a residential premise:

The Green Island Power Authority shall make available to any landlord or lessor of residential rental premises, within ten days of receipt of a written request therefor from any prospective tenant or lessee thereof, prior to the commencement of tenancy or execution of a lease, information consisting of the charges incurred at such premises for electric service for the life of the dwelling unit or the preceding two-year period, whichever is shorter.  Such information shall be identified solely by the address of the dwelling unit, and no other information identifying the owner, lessee, or other occupant of the dwelling unit shall be utilized for, or made available in connection with, the furnishing of billing information.  Such information shall be furnished to both the landlord or lessor and to the prospective tenant or lessee without the imposition of any charge or fee.
Click HERE to print a copy of this notice