The Green Island Board of Ethics members were appointed by the Village, Town, IDA and GIPA to provide oversight, opinions and enforcement of the Ethics Codes as adopted by each individual entity. The members serve at the pleasure of each entity individually. The first meeting of the Board of Ethics was held on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 and they meet at a minimum, annually. The annual meeting is generally scheduled in June. Other meetings may be scheduled on an as needed basis.

The members are as follows:

Mr. Joseph Legnard, Esq., Chair
Mr. Thomas Mullins
Sister Carol A. Rohloff, CSJ


A sworn written complaint can be submitted to:
Green Island Board of Ethics
c/o Village Clerk
20 Clinton Street
Green Island, New York 12183

Questions to the Board of Ethics that are not official complaints or inquiries may be sent to Anne Strizzi at