Trash & Recycling Program

Village of Green Island Trash and Recycling Program

Beginning in 2008, the Village of Green Island implemented a new trash and recycling program that included supplying each homeowner with a refuse barrel at no cost. Homeowners are responsible for maintenance and/or replacement of barrel. Initial barrel and any replacement barrel remains property of the Village of Green Island. Homeowners may lease one additional barrel at a cost of $75 for a 95 gallon barrel or $70 for a 65 gallon barrel. Replacement of lost or damaged barrels are at the expense of the homeowner. Please contact the Village Office at 518-273-2201 with any questions. Barrels may ONLY be used for non-recyclable household waste. 

Upon occasional need for excess garbage capacity, residents may purchase Village of Green Island approved stickered garbage bags at the Village Office at a cost of $2.00 each. These can be placed out with your regular weekly barrel pick-up.

Please click HERE for our complete Recycling Guidelines, including what CAN and CAN NOT be recycled. Recyclables are picked up on regular trash pick-up days.

The Village of Green Island also provides bulk pick-up for items that are not permitted to be disposed of in barrels or recycled. A list of such items and prices* can be found HERE. Stickers for disposal of these items must be purchased at the Village Office (cash only) and placed on the items. Pick up of stickered items are on the FIRST and THIRD Thursday of each month, excluding holidays. Items can be placed out to the curb the night before the scheduled pick-up.
*Please note items and prices are subject to change

Pursuant to SECTION 97-3 of the VILLAGE OF GREEN ISLAND MUNICIPAL CODE, recycling is mandatory.