Submitted Financial Assistance Applications

Below is a listing of Financial Assistance Project Applications that have been submitted to the IDA for consideration

25 Tibbits Avenue LLC – Financial Assistance Application approved 8/17/23

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Notice is hereby given that a public hearing pursuant to Section 859-a(2) of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York (the “Act”) will be held by the Village of Green Island Industrial Development Agency (the “Agency”) on the 17th day of August, 2023 at 3:00 o’clock p.m., local time, at the Green Island Municipal Center located at 19 George Street in the Village of Green Island, Albany County, New York in connection with the following matters:

25 Tibbits Avenue LLC, a New York State limited liability company (the “Company”), submitted an application (the “Application”) to the Agency, a copy of which Application is on file at the office of the Agency, which Application requested that the Agency consider undertaking a project (the “Project”) for the benefit of the Company, said Project consisting of the following: (A) (1) the acquisition of a leasehold interest in approximately 11.8 acres of land located at 147 Cannon Street (tax map no. 21.13-1-2) in the Village of Green Island, Albany County, New York (the “Land”), together with approximately seven (7) existing buildings located thereon (collectively the “Existing Facility”), (2) the demolition of the Existing Facility and the construction of two (2) buildings comprised of approximately 120,000 square feet and approximately 30,000 square feet, respectively (collectively with the improvements, the “Facility”) and (3) the acquisition and installation therein and thereon of related fixtures, machinery, equipment and other tangible personal property (collectively, the “Equipment”), all of the foregoing to constitute office and warehouse facilities to be owned and operated by the Company (the Land, the Existing Facility, the Facility and the Equipment hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Project Facility”); (B) the granting of certain “financial assistance” (within the meaning of Section 854(14) of the Act) with respect to the foregoing, including potential exemptions from certain sales and use taxes, real property taxes, real estate transfer taxes and mortgage recording taxes (collectively, the “Financial Assistance”); and (C) the lease (with an obligation to purchase) or sale of the Project Facility to the Company or such other person as may be designated by the Company and agreed upon by the Agency.

The Agency is considering whether (A) to undertake the Project, and (B) to provide certain exemptions from taxation with respect to the Project, including (1) exemption from mortgage recording taxes with respect to any documents, if any, recorded by the Agency with respect to the Project in the office of the County Clerk of Albany County, New York or elsewhere, (2) exemption from deed transfer taxes on any real estate transfers, if any, with respect to the Project, (3) exemption from sales taxes relating to the acquisition, demolition, construction, and installation of the Project Facility, and (4) in the event that the Project Facility would be subject to real property taxation if owned by the Company but shall be deemed exempt from real property taxation due to the involvement of the Agency therewith, exemption from real property taxes (but not including special assessments and special ad valorem levies), if any, with respect to the Project Facility, subject to the obligation of the Company to make payments in lieu of taxes with respect to the Project Facility. If any portion of the Financial Assistance to be granted by the Agency with respect to the Project is not consistent with the Agency’s uniform tax exemption policy, the Agency will follow the procedures for deviation from such policy set forth in Section 874(4) of the Act prior to granting such portion of the Financial Assistance.

If the Agency determines to proceed with the Project, the Project Facility will be acquired, demolished, constructed, and installed by the Agency and will be leased (with an obligation to purchase) or sold by the Agency to the Company or its designee pursuant to a project agreement (the “Agreement”) requiring that the Company or its designee make certain payments to the Agency.

The Agency has not yet made a determination pursuant to Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law (the “SEQR Act”) regarding the potential environmental impact of the Project.

The Agency will at said time and place hear all persons with views on either the location and nature of the proposed Project, or the Financial Assistance being contemplated by the Agency in connection with the proposed Project. A copy of the Application filed by the Company with the Agency with respect to the Project, including an analysis of the costs and benefits of the Project, is available for public inspection during business hours at the offices of the Agency. A transcript or summary report of the hearing will be made available to the members of the Agency.

Additional information can be obtained from, and written comments may be addressed to: Sean E. Ward, Chief Executive Officer, Village of Green Island Industrial Development Agency, 20 Clinton Street, Green Island, New York 12183; Telephone: (518) 273-2201.

Dated: August 2, 2023.


BY:/s/ Sean E. Ward
Chief Executive Officer

100 Cohoes Ventures, LLC Project

Project approved February 2022
A copy of the application for assistance can be found HERE