Parking Violations Bureau

Village of Green Island Parking Violations Bureau Procedures

A person may appear in person or by a written power of attorney, to pay the established fine, and in writing, waive a hearing in Court, and pleading guilty to the charge and authorizing the Treasurer to accept such a plea.

A plea shall be entered within twenty (20) days after the date the summons was issued.  A plea may be entered in person or by representative or by ordinary mail at the Parking Violations Bureau.  Any plea entered by mail or in person, within the twenty (20) days shall be accepted by the Parking Violations Bureau without penalties being applied.

The Treasurer or his designee shall have the authority to modify or reduce the prescribed fine, upon good cause shown and upon a guilty plea in person or by written power of attorney. Respondent must provide a sworn affidavit to show cause. Violations pertaining to handicapped parking, fire hydrants and tow fees are non-negotiable.

To pay fine in person, respondent must report to the Treasurer’s Office of the Village of Green Island, located at 20 Clinton Street, Green Island, NY 12183. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm, excluding holidays. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, money order, certified check or cashier’s check. Click HERE to pay your ticket online.

Pleas submitted by mail shall be made by:

  • Entering the desired plea on the back of the summons.
  • A written explanation supporting your plea.
  • Signing the summons.
  • Mailing the notice of violation with the plea. To avoid additional fees, it must be postmarked by the 20th day following date of summons.  If pleading guilty, it must be accompanied by a cashier’s check, certified check or money order payable to the Village of Green Island for payment in full of the issued fine.

A respondent pleading not guilty or guilty with an explanation may appear either personally or by mail at the Parking Violations Bureau located within the Village Office and present his or her explanation to an attendant within the Bureau. A written affidavit by the respondent must be provided.  Should the person not be satisfied with the plea offered by the Parking Violations Bureau, that person may request a court hearing.

Whenever a plea of not guilty has been entered and a court hearing requested, the Bureau shall contact the Town Court Offices to request a docket place on the next available Court Night. Once the defendant is scheduled, the Bureau shall notify the person of the date, time and place.  All paperwork is then forwarded to the Town Court as the final transference of the case.  From this point on, the Bureau will have no further involvement in the matter.

Final Determinations/Judgments
The trial judge shall make a determination on the charges, either sustaining or dismissing them. Final determinations sustaining or dismissing charges shall be entered on a final determination roll maintained by the Bureau, together with records showing payment and nonpayment of penalties.

If the trial judge makes a determination sustaining the charges, he/she shall impose no greater penalty or fine than that upon which the person was originally charged.

Where an operator or owner fails to enter a plea to a charge of a parking violation or fails to appear on a trial date or subsequent adjournment date or fails after a trial to comply with the determination of the trial judge, such failure to plead, appear or comply shall be deemed, for all purposes, an admission of liability and shall be grounds for rendering and entering a default judgment for the amount of the fine plus any additional fees.

Upon the failure of a person or owner of a vehicle to appear or answer the summons on or before the return period or any subsequent adjourned date, additional fees shall be imposed as follows:
If the aforementioned fine shall not be paid withing twenty (20) days from the date summons was issued, original fine amount shall double.
If the fine is still not paid within sixty (60) days from the date the summons was issued, the original fine amount shall triple.

Additionally, failure to answer a parking ticket may result in one (1) or more of the following consequences:

  1. You being classified a scofflaw thereby resulting in the denial of the renewal of your vehicle registration.
  2. The filing of a civil default judgement against you that may adversely affect your credit rating.
  3. The seizure of your motor vehicle.


Notwithstanding any other provision, any person who has been, within the preceding twelve (12) months, guilty of more than six (6) parking violations shall not be permitted to appear in person to a subsequent violation at the Parking Violations Bureau but must appear in Town Court at a time specified by the Bureau and Town Court.