What is the Right of Way (ROW)?

The Village of Green Island adopted a Right of Way policy to allow the continued use, occupancy, maintenance, repair and replacement (on the same footprint) of encroachments of stairs, porches and overhangs protruding into the Village Right-of-Way (ROW) as they existed prior to the adoption of the Village Zoning Law in 1978 but only so long as said encroachments do not interfere or prevent the maintenance, repair, replacement or installation of necessary utilities and road improvements.

The ROW is the area between the curb and generally about 13’ inward from the curb. The area of the ROW varies street by street with some streets (Albany Avenue is one) having a larger ROW. Sometimes ROW is misunderstood because the Village owns the ROW but the homeowner is responsible for its maintenance (including sidewalks). Residents are prohibited from putting any structures, including but not limited to porches, fences, planters, flower boxes, trees, etc. in the Village ROW.  If you have any plans of putting anything in or near the ROW, including replacing existing fixtures/structures, please contact the Building Department at 273-2201 to make sure you are in compliance before the project is started.