Warning: Stop Signs and other Traffic and Parking Issues

We have received complaints recently about vehicles speeding and not stopping and/or rolling through stop signs. The complaints have been targeted at intersections on both Swan and Bleecker Streets but are not limited to those areas. Please be aware that the Green Island Police Department will be adding traffic enforcement details to those and other areas around the Village to assure the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles. When on the details, officers will also be on the lookout for all traffic infractions including speeding, seatbelts and improper use of cellular or other mobile devices. They have also received complaints about parking recently and will be enforcing infractions including but not limited to parking in front of fire hydrants, in crosswalks, bus stops and also parking the wrong way on a two way street. Safety is of the utmost importance and while nobody likes enforcement action, it sometimes becomes necessary. Please abide by the laws so that we can remain a safe community. Your cooperation is appreciated by all.