Village street paving to start this week; Notice of Parking Restrictions and Detours

Contractors from New Castle Paving, LLC will be paving Lafayette Street (between George and Paine), Market Street (excludes intersections at George and Hudson), Clinton Street (between Hudson and George and George to end-excludes Hudson and George intersections) and a portion of Tibbits Avenue (between George and James) on Thursday and Friday of this week and possibly Monday 10/23. The plan is to mill the streets on Thursday and pave them on Friday and/or if needed, Monday. Their scheduled order is Lafayette, Market, Clinton and then Tibbits. They plan on working from 7 am sharp to approximately 7 pm on all three days.

New Castle will be posting the area on Wednesday to notify residents of no parking on Thursday, Friday and Monday during the working hours. Streets will be closed to vehicle traffic when they are working on them (block by block). They will also have flaggers during the work to assist through intersections. It is probable that residents can park their vehicles on the street overnight during this time, but would have to move them by 7 am the following morning. Please follow signage to be sure.

The Village Office, Police Department and Fire Departments will all be open during this time but may only be accessible by sidewalk. Please contact the office at 518-273-2201 if you have any questions or concerns.

We will be sending alerts out with any up to date information. If you have not signed up to receive them yet, please contact Michele Bourgeois at as soon as possible to get on the list before this occurs.

Thank you for your patience as we make upgrades to our streets.