Village of Green Island Annual Meeting, Monday, January 3rd

The Village of Green Island will hold it’s annual organizational meeting Monday, January 3rd, at 5pm. Please note this meeting will be held via ZOOM and can be viewed on YouTube. Click this link to view

Village of Green Island
Annual Meeting Agenda
Monday, January 3, 2022, 5pm


  1. Call to Order by Mayor Ellen M. McNulty-Ryan
  2. Roll Call
  3. Clerk verifies that Oaths of Office have been taken by all newly elected Village officials
  4. Clerk will administer Oaths of Office to newly appointed Village officials

            Executive Assistant to the Mayor  
            Village Attorney 
            Village Clerk
            Deputy Village Clerk 
          Village Treasurer 
            Deputy Village Treasurer 
          Village Assessor 
            Commissioner of the Water Department 
            Commissioner/Superintendent of Public Works
            Fire and Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer 
            Village Engineer
            Director of Recreation 
            Section 8 Administrator 
            Other Appointments

  1. Resolution authorizing renewals of bonds of the various Village officials 
  2. Resolution setting the time, day and place of the regular board meetings 
  3. Designation of official Village newspaper 
  4. Designation of official depositories for Village funds    
  5. Setting of official reimbursement rate for mileage while on official business
  6. Resolution authorizing the Mayor, and Village officers and employees designated by her, to attend official meetings of the Conference of Mayors, and other such training sessions available to the Village officers and employees 
  7. Mayor’s appointment of various committees of the Board of Trustees   
  8. Mayor’s appointment of Deputy Mayor 
  9. Other Business
  10. Adjournment