Updated Trash & Recycling Program Guidelines

Beginning in 2008, the Village of Green Island implemented a new trash and recycling program that included supplying each homeowner with a refuse barrel at no cost. The Village does not supply recycling bins.

Homeowner is responsible for maintenance and/or replacement of barrel.

Initial barrel and any replacement barrel remains property of the Village of Green Island.

Homeowner may lease one additional barrel at a cost of $75.00 for the 95 gallon size or $70.00 for the 65 gallon size. Please use order form on the Trash & Recycling page or contact the Village Office at 518-273-2201. This second barrel trash will be picked up without charge.

Barrels may only be used for non-recyclable household waste.

Upon occasional need for excess garbage capacity, residents may purchase approved Village of Green Island plastic bags at the Village Office at a cost of $2.00 each.

A listing of recyclables and rules for recycling can be found on the Trash & Recycling page; they include:

  • All glass, plastics and tin cans must be clean.
  • Labels do not have to removed.
  • All caps from bottles must be removed and disposed of in regular trash.
  • All glass, plastics and tin cans must be placed in clear plastic bags and placed at the curb on regular garbage day.
  • Do not place recyclable bags inside garbage barrels.

Lawn clippings and leaves must be placed in biodegradable bags and placed at the curb (not in a barrel) on regular garbage pickup days.

  • Twigs and small branches may be put in lawn/leaf bags.
  • Dirt or other materials can NOT be put in lawn/leaf bags.
  • Co-mingling such prohibited materials in lawn/leaf bags will make bags ineligible for pick up.

Corrugated cardboard will be recycled. It must be broken down flat. If you have more than one piece of corrugated cardboard, they must be tied or taped together (so they don’t blow all over the streets).

Newspapers, magazines and office paper are to be placed in a paper bag or a clear plastic bag and placed at the curb on regular garbage day.

Refuse barrel, recyclables and biodegradable lawn/leaf bags must be put at the curb outside your house the night before your regular pick up day (Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on street address). Please do not place your refuse out prior to 12 Noon the day before pick up.

Each individual housing unit that is assigned a barrel, that barrel is to be used by the inhabitants of said housing unit. Please be respectful and use only your own barrel.

A listing of all items that are not permitted or not able to be disposed of in barrels can be found on the Trash & Recycling page (bulk pick-up). You can also contact the Village Office at 518-273-2201 for a copy. The cost for disposal of such items is provided in said list.

  • Payment for disposal of these items may be made at the Village Office or online at www.villageofgreenisland.com/village/recycling.
  • Payment must be made prior to your scheduled pick-up day to be included on the list.
  • Pick up of above listed items will be on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, excluding holidays. Items may NOT be placed out to the curb until the night before the scheduled pickup.