Street Restoration Phase of National Grid Project to Begin

Contractors from National Grid (Talham) will begin the street restoration phase of their project beginning on Thursday, June 15th. They will start work on Paine Street between Center Court and Swan Street and work their way north. All vehicles will need to be removed during the time they are working, generally 7am to 5pm from Monday through Friday. The areas effected by parking restrictions will be marked by signage and orange construction cones on a day to day basis until the project is completed. This phase of the project will take 3-4 weeks and will effect Paine Street, Bleecker Street, High Street, West Street and a small portion of Cohoes Avenue near Bleecker Street.

Vehicles must be moved from the construction area so that damage does not occur. If you have any questions, please call National Grid at 1-800-642-4272.