Street Cleaning to be held on Monday

Street Cleaning will be held in the Village on this Monday, May 12th.  This year the street cleaning will be conducted like our snow removal.  The Police Department will travel the streets and announce the time that street cleaning operations will begin.  If you do not hear the announcement, it will not be considered a legitimate excuse for not moving your vehicle.  If you have any questions about street cleaning operations, please call the Police Department at 273-2401 or the Department of Public Works at 273-5565.  Vehicles that interfere with street cleaning will receive a TICKET.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The order of streets to be swept (subject to change if necessary; please listen for Police announcements):

Tibbits Avenue

George Street

Hudson Avenue

Arch Street

Bleecker Street

Center Street

Paine Street

James Street

High Street

West Street

John Street

Swan Street

Lafayette Street

Lafayette Park

Lower Paine Street

Hamilton Street

Market Street

Albany Avenue

Lower End Side Streets-Walnut, Harlem, Saratoga, Pine, Whitehall, Thames

Lower Hudson Avenue