Street Cleaning Thursday, May 14th

Street Cleaning will be held throughout the Village starting on Thursday, May 14th at 8:00 am. All vehicles must be moved when the Police Department announces your street or risk getting a ticket and $50 fine. Thank you for your cooperation.
Street cleaning is performed like snow removal – both sides at once, not alternating even and odd. The streets are generally done in the following order, however, this procedure is subject to change based upon various emergency conditions which might arise.
1. Clinton Street 9. James Street 17. Hamilton Street
2. Tibbits Avenue 10. High Street 18. Market Street
3. George Street 11. West Street 19. Albany Avenue
4. Hudson Avenue 12. John Street 20. Lower End Side Streets
5. Arch Street 13. Swan Street Walnut, Harlem, Saratoga,
6. Bleecker Street 14. Lafayette Street Pine, Thames, Whitehall, Cannon
7. Center Street 15. Lafayette Park 21. Lower Hudson Avenue
8. Paine Street 16. Lower Paine Street.
All vehicles which are not moved for street cleaning operations will be ticketed. All fines and fees must be paid at the Green Island Village Offices.

Residents and visitors who are on vacation, work out-of-town or who leave their cars on the streets for any reason should make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to move their car. The Police Department travels the streets to announce the time that street cleaning operations will begin. If you do not hear the announcement, it will not be considered a legitimate excuse for not moving your vehicle. NOTE: When you move your vehicle, confirm the street you move to has already been cleaned or be prepared to move it again. The Village will also be using the Emergency Alert System to notify residents. Forms to register can be picked up and dropped off at the Village Office. Forms can also be downloaded on our website home page at Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.