Street Cleaning on Monday

Message to Green Island residents and visitors:

Street cleaning will begin at 8 am on Monday morning. All vehicles must be moved when your street is announced. Any vehicle that is not moved will be ticketed.

The scheduled order of street sweeping is as follows. Please note that this schedule could change due to many factors but it will not be an excuse if you don’t move your vehicle when announced:

Hudson Avenue

Arch Street

George Street

Albany Avenue

Lower End Side Streets

Lower Hudson Avenue

Lafayette Street

Lafayette Park

Lower Paine Street

Hamilton Street

Market Street

Clinton Street

Center Street

Paine Street

James Street

High Street

West Street

John Street

Swan Street

Bleecker Street

Tibbits Avenue

*Cohoes Avenue

*Veterans Memorial Drive

*Cannon Street

*The last three streets may be done before 8 a.m. depending on when the sweeper arrives but since there is no parking on those streets anytime it should not affect anyone.

Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated during this operation.