The Stormwater Coalition of Albany County was formed in 2008 via an inter-municipal agreement between 13 municipalities and the University at Albany. The Village of Green Island is a charter member and Executive Assistant to the Mayor Sean Ward has been Chairman of their Board of Directors since its inception. The purpose of the Coalition is to foster cooperation and to provide for the provision of joint shared services related to compliance with the NYSDEC SPDES Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Permit program and Federal Clean Water Act requirements. For more information about the Stormwater Coalition please log on to their website at This website has very specific information about how our community benefits from the program and includes educational components for homeowners, businesses and contractors. We also do our own outreach as well and recently mailed out flyers to many businesses that showed best management practices as it relates to their operations. This is just an example of the many efforts to educate the public in our quest for clean water. For further information about Green Island’s MS4 program contact Sean Ward at 273-2201 or