Snow Preparation: Things to Know

In anticipation of the potential heavy snow forecast for the weekend we have a few tips to think about. A few inches of snow may fall on Friday morning, please take caution. As of now though, a major storm is forecast with heavy snow starting on Saturday night and continuing through Sunday. Please stay tuned for notification system alerts, website and Facebook posts and media releases which will keep you informed. If it falls as stated, it is possible a snow emergency will be called starting on Monday morning:

1. Please plan to remove your vehicles from Village streets if the snow comes as expected. If an emergency is called, all vehicles MUST be removed or they will be ticketed and towed. If you are away or sick and unable to move your vehicle, please contact family or friends ahead of time to see if they will move it for you. Any dumpsters or unattached trailers must be removed today (they should have been off the street by now anyway).

2. If your vehicle is ticketed and towed, you can report to the Parking Violations Bureau at the Village Offices, 20 Clinton Street to start the process of reclaiming it. You will be expected to pay $50 for the ticket and $75 for the tow before you can claim your vehicle. Please make note that Monday is a federal holiday but our non-emergency office staff have volunteered to work that day if an emergency is called so that those towed can get their cars back the same day. Please treat them with respect and even thank them for their dedication, they have nothing to do with the ticket or tow.

3. In the event we get snow but an emergency is NOT called, it is still a good idea to voluntarily remove your vehicles from the streets so that plows can move snow back to the curb and create more space for emergency vehicles to get through and open up parking spaces for you and your neighbors as well.

4. Municipal parking lots will be available for parking during an emergency but please do not park in them until DPW has cleared them out beforehand. The Ford parking lot area on the east side (closest to the river) is available anytime at your own risk of being plowed in. All other lots will be barricaded now until DPW clears them for emergency parking (most likely Sunday afternoon or evening). Municipal lots include Lafayette Park, lot on south side of Cornerstone Housing (next to Green Island Bridge), 11 Hudson Avenue, Cannon Street behind basketball courts, Dudley Avenue near the Little League and the former Ford Motor Company lot.

5. If you have not signed up for alerts yet, please do so now by contacting, 518-273-2201 or coming to the Village Office to sign up. Better to do that now rather than visit the office to pay a ticket and tow after (we would rather you sign up).

6. Be safe out there, especially when shoveling heavy snow. Please remember that Village Code requires owners and tenants to clear their sidewalks of snow within 24 hours of the end of the storm.

7. Please check on your family, friends and neighbors throughout, especially the elderly, to be sure they are okay.

8. As always, call 911 in the event of any emergency.