Ellen M. McNulty-Ryan, Mayor of the Village of Green Island has declared a Snow Emergency. All vehicles must be removed from Village streets by 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, February 3, 2015 beginning in the area of Tibbits Avenue and George Street. Please be reminded that crews had changed the normal route last year and the new route and other information can be found as a separate post on this webpage. The Police Department will also be announcing street by street before removing vehicles. Vehicles not moved will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense. Off street parking for village residents is available at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium, Ford Motor Company parking lot, Honeywell/Bendix lot (Tibbits Avenue lot only), Cannon Street (directly behind the Paine Street Park), 11 Hudson Avenue municipal lot, Cornerstone municipal lot (adjacent to the Green Island Bridge) and the Lafayette Park lot. These parking lots will be available at about 6:00 pm this evening and we suggest that residents move their vehicles to these lots tonight.

Cars will not be allowed back on the streets until snow removal operations are completed. Please call the Green Island Police Department at 273-2401 or the Village Office at 273-2201 during regular business hours if further information is needed.

In addition, Tuesday’s garbage and recycling pickup is postponed until Thursday. Wednesday pickup will proceed as normally scheduled.