Residents are reporting evidence of skunks being around more than usual this year. The problems are not just in Green Island, this is an issue happening in several communities.

We have spoken to some “experts” about it and apparently this has been a great year for lawn grubs which are a skunk’s favorite food and has been the biggest attraction recently. They will also eat just about anything else so make sure that garden vegetables and other garbage are not left around. They do not climb well so if the food is up higher they probably won’t bother going after it but you should take measures to cover any sources anyway.

We have heard one report after the fact of a skunk spotted out in the daylight. If that happens please call 911 immediately because they are nocturnal and shouldn’t be out then. It is probably sick if out in daylight.

According to sources that are familiar with skunks, they do not like light so if you can light up your yard or the front of your house they probably won’t stay long. Some have done that and have noticed that they have relocated. They are also generally not confrontational so they probably won’t spray unless backed in a corner or threatened. They would most likely leave the area if someone were to pull up out front or in a driveway. Adult skunks don’t like their own smell either so if it is spraying in your yard there is probably something there threatening it.

The Police will respond (and contact Animal Control) to any report of a skunk out in daylight or any that is specifically causing a nuisance in the neighborhood on a case by case basis. You should call 911 immediately if you spot one being aggressive at night or if you spot one at all in the daytime. In the meantime, take a look at the attached data sheets and see if some of their ideas work.