Reassessment Improvement Project to Start Soon

The Village has signed a contract with Municipal Assessment Service (MAS) to do a reassessment improvement project from November 2012 –July 2014. During the course of the project employees from MAS will do data collection on all parcels.  Their employees will have Village issued photo identification on them at all times.  If you ever have any concern please call the Police Department at 273-2401.  By October 31, 2012, all properties owners will receive a data mailer containing parcel information currently on file. Please be sure to read the introductory letter and follow the instructions regarding the information disclosed on the data mailer. There will be several public meetings at different phases of the project. The first two (2) public meetings will be held on Thursday, November 8th.  There will be a meeting at 12:30pm for the senior citizens at the Green Island Community Center, as well as, a meeting at 6:00pm for the general public at the Municipal Center.  All property owners are encouraged to attend.