Notice of Sewer Rate Increase

This information will be mailed to every customer with the May 2016 billing:

The Village Board of Trustees has approved an increase in our sewer rates effective with the August 2016 billing. This is the first rate increase since the Village upgraded the sewer system thirty nine (39) years ago.  The rate will increase from a flat rate of $7.54 per 1000 cubic feet to $15.08 per 1000 cubic feet of metered water usage. To put that in dollars and cents, for the average residential user of 10,000 cubic feet annually it will cost an additional $75.40 per year.

Please note that for decades our sewer rates have been the lowest by far of what DEC refers to as the “Albany Pool”, a group of communities along the Hudson River with similar sewer structures. Even with this increase we still remain the lowest.

The rate change is solely attributed to two issues, 1) a recent agreement with DEC and the “Albany Pool Communities” to make mandated and expensive changes to our operations to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act, and 2) a very large reduction of metered flow from our largest industrial customer, Lydall, due to decreased production.

Since residential sewer usage is measured by metered water usage, it is important for property owners, particularly those who do not reside in the property, to inform their tenants of the increase in rates and to ask the tenants cooperation in promptly reporting any water leaks, no matter how small they may be. The water meters are read at three-month intervals and in that period of time, a small leak, even a slight drip, can result in a very high water and sewer bill.  It is also suggested that property owners read their own meters several times during the three-month period so they may detect any unusual use of water.

If you have any questions, please call the Village Office at 273-2201.