Notice from DOT: Work to begin on I-787/Cohoes Boulevard Project on March 25th

From NYSDOT: As you have probably noticed, the Cohoes Blvd project is gearing up to start and we wanted to provide everyone with an update. Starting the week of 3/25 you can expect non-peak lane closures on Route 787 from Tibbets Ave to New Courtland/Route 32. Typical times to expect closures will be Northbound Route 787 from 4am to 2pm; Monday thru Friday and Southbound closures will be 9am to 7pm, Monday thru Friday. We also plan to shift traffic into the shoulder and right lanes and close the median and Left lanes in order to complete the median portion of the work. This will also begin next week and last about 2 months and the traffic shift will be continuous for the duration 24/7. Once completed traffic will shift back to normal and the work will all be primarily on the shoulders. Throughout you can still expect the above mentioned lane closures. Starting on the week of 4/1 we also plan to work at night from 8pm until 6am to do embankment work, this will go on for about 4 weeks, so crews will be working around the clock. This work will only take place Monday thru Friday. Looking ahead to this summer, we will be having a series of weekend shutdowns at the Intersections of Dyke Ave, Ontario St and Bridge Ave. This is to install precast panels for the new raised intersections. Each of these intersections will be shut down for at least 2 weekends, one for NB and one for SB. Detours will be signed. We plan on sending out the exact schedule of this once the dates can be confirmed. We will send this schedule out well ahead of any closures so that you can adjust and plan accordingly as this work will probably be the biggest impact to most of the emergency services as well as the travelling public. Pedestrian access will be maintained thru the intersections for this work. There will continue to be more nightwork throughout the season as well. And very likely work occurring on weekends other than the closures as well. As the project progresses we will inform you of any other relevant updates.