News about the Hudson River Dredging Project

The Village of Green Island has been notified by representatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that dredging of a small area along the east shore of Green Island will begin on Monday, October 28, 2013.

The area targeted for dredging along the Village shoreline is above the Federal Dam at Troy, just below the Hudson’s confluence with the Mohawk River. Although EPA has informed us that they do not anticipate any impacts to the municipal water supply during the work, out of an abundance of caution, the Village will obtain alternate water from the City of Cohoes for the two to three weeks work activities will be performed. GE has agreed to reimburse the Village for those costs.

During the work, dredges will remove sediment and load it into large hopper barges. The loaded barges then will be pushed by tugs to a processing, treatment and transportation facility located north on the Champlain Canal in the Town of Fort Edward. Following dredging and an EPA review process, crews will cover the dredged areas with layers of stone, gravel or sand.

In addition to the dredges and backfill equipment, a number of smaller boats will be traveling near the dredge areas. Pontoon boats will bring work crews to their stations; monitoring boats will collect water and sediment samples; small vessels will perform survey work; and some boats will carry oversight personnel.

More information about the dredging project, including maps of the targeted dredge areas from Schuylerville to Troy, may be viewed in the below link to the website prepared by GE for the public. For more information, residents are encouraged to visit the project website at or call GE at 792-4087 or EPA at 747-4389.