Hudson Avenue Improvement Project Information

Work will begin soon on the Hudson Avenue Improvement Project which will include new ADA compliant ramps at the intersections, a new storm sewer system, new pavement, road signs and markings, all in an effort to create a safer thoroughfare for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. With any project, it also brings the nuisance of traffic detours and delays. Given the fact that it will occur near our school, the issues seem more complicated. We will make every effort to create the least amount of impact on the area, especially around our school, but please note that no matter what we do there will be detours and delays in that area for at least short time frames. We ask that you remain patient and cooperate at all times.

We will use this website and/or the alert system to communicate with you regarding detours/delays/parking restrictions. Signage will also be used. This will be a tough project for a while but well worth it in the end. Please be patient and if you have any questions feel free to the Village office at 518-273-2201.

If you are not signed up for the alert system, we encourage you to do so by completing an Alert Notification Form and returning it to the Village Office or emailing it to

Here is a brief overview of the project:

PHASE 1 – FALL 2019

The first phase of the project, occurring Fall 2019, will effect from the “point” at Hudson Avenue and George Street to Tibbits Avenue. This phase of the project will have three elements.
1) a sewer separation project which will affect the length of the entire street
2) ADA compliant ramp replacement which will affect the corner ramps at most every intersection on Hudson, and
3) a mill and fill paving project after the first two are done.
The sewer and ADA projects will both probably occur together on or around October 15th. The paving will occur approximately one month after if all goes good. This is a very tightly scheduled project.


Phase 2 involves Lower Hudson Avenue, from the Watervliet City Line at Hudson Shores Park through the intersection of the Green Island Bridge. More information to follow, as this phase draws closer.