Green Island Wins Albany County Water Taste Test Once Again

County Executive Announces Clear Winner in 33rd Annual Water Taste Test Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy today announced this year’s winner in another refreshing round of the annual Albany County Tap Water Taste Test: returning county champion, the Village of Green Island. Green Island also won in 2016 and 2018. With 69 total points allotted to Green Island by the blind taste tests, they were the favorite of this year’s heated competition at the Empire State Plaza, though rest assured, the water was served cold. The village garnered 28 first place votes, valued at 2 points apiece, and 13 second place votes, worth one point each. “While I commend the Village of Green Island for once again showing they are committed to providing clean and delicious tap water to our judges and residents alike, I have to give credit to each municipality and their workforces,” said County Executive McCoy. “This annual competition is a fun way to highlight something near and dear to everyone’s hearts – safe drinking water – which is critical for public health and cuts back on our reliance on plastic intensive bottled water. I know the Village of Green Island will make all of Albany County proud in the next two rounds.” The close runner up was the City of Albany, securing 46 total points, with 14 first place votes and 18 second place votes. The other municipalities that once again took part in the competition were the City of Cohoes and the Latham Water District. Green Island will now represent Albany County and advance to the regional contest that will be held over the summer, taking on the likes of 2018 statewide runner-up, Saratoga County Water Authority. After that, regional winners will go head-to-head at the New York State Fair in Syracuse. Congratulations to the Green Island Water Department Plant Operations team, John Heffern, Robert Foster, Bill Heffern, Elijah Legault, Zach Mason and Nick Richmond, all of whom do a great job every day.