Festival of Trees Update from Mayor Ellen

Festival of Trees – Update from Mayor Ellen

          I am not sure if Mother Nature is just mad at us or if she just doesn’t like Christmas, but whatever the reason, she isn’t cooperating with us for our Festival of Trees.  First she sent us so much snow we couldn’t get into to River Park to set up the trees – so we postponed it for a week.  Then she sent us warm weather and rain which helped clear the snow so our guys could set up the trees – yeah!!!  Now it looks like heavy rains on Saturday!  Bummer!

          I checked with Santa and Mrs. Claus and they are willing to once again reschedule the tree lighting.  So here is the plan — subject to change and Mother Nature’s mood.  We will have everything ready in the park by Friday morning.  Decorators can go in and decorate their trees anytime from Friday until Sunday and we will light the trees on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.

          We apologize for the changes in scheduling, but everything was beyond our control.  I want to thank Santa and Mrs. Claus for being kind enough to reschedule two times.  I want to thank our DPW and GIPA crew for making this happen in spite of the adverse conditions.  And I want to thank all of our decorators for their patience and understanding throughout the last week.  And if anyone has any contact with Mother Nature – please see if you can get her in a good mood!!!