Mayor Ellen M. McNulty-Ryan has declared an emergency in the Village of Green Island due to extreme weather conditions anticipated with Hurricane Sandy. This order takes effect at 3pm today and is will continue until 12 noon Tuesday, October 30, 2012.

As of now:

All garbage normally picked up on Tuesday will now be picked up on Wednesday instead. All Wednesday pickup will remain as normally scheduled. Please call DPW at 273-5565 if you have any questions. Please secure your barrels during the storm.

No unnecessary vehicle or pedestrian traffic on roads within Green Island. For your safety and that of our emergency crews please stay indoors.

All Green Island Parks are closed and gates have been locked. All Recreation Department activities for Monday and Tuesday are cancelled.

Residents should be on the lookout for wind damage, power loss or clogged catch basins and report them immediately to the Green Island Police Department at 273-2401. Please note that Village employees will only be responding to emergencies during the peak of this storm. If the call does not reflect a threat to life, our employees have been instructed to make note of it and respond when conditions improve. If it is a threat to life, our crews will respond as they always do.

The same will pertain to power loss. If you lose power, please stay calm and report it to the Police Department. Our crews will respond to assess the situation but cannot go onto a pole until the winds calm to less than 30mph. Residents should be aware that any power outages may take a while to repair and that we will just have to remain patient until it can be restored.

Shelters will become available if needed and we will notify you of details by various means including door to door if necessary.

Residents should report all emergencies to the Green Island Police Department at 273-2401or 9-1-1 immediately.

The Village of Green Island is working with all emergency personnel at both the county and state levels and has an action plan in place. Please watch for updates at HYPERLINK “https://villageofgreenisland.com” www.villageofgreenisland.com and other media outlets such as television, radio and web sites should be referenced for area wide reports.