Raccoon Sightings in Green Island

We have received a couple of reports of raccoon sightings in Green Island recently. Thus far the complaints have come from the area along Paine and James Streets and north of Arch Street to Tibbits Avenue. It is not unusual to see raccoons in a populated setting and while they prefer to roam at night they do come out during the day too. It is important to know that raccoons in a populated area are probably looking for food and shelter. Please be sure to close garbage can lids (and strap them if possible) and do not leave food (such as pet food, bird feeders, etc.) outside. Please seal up your home and shed so that they cannot access inside them or under porches. You may have to fence in gardens if they become a nuisance (and eat your product).

We have attached a link to the NYSDEC website with a raccoon fact sheet:


If you see a raccoon acting strangely and aggressively, salivating heavily or if it has paralyzed hind legs, this may be a sign of illness and you should call 9-1-1 immediately to report it.