Snow Plowing and Removal

In preparation for snow plowing and removal, all inoperative or unregistered motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, dumpsters and all types of trailers must be removed from village streets by November 1, 2012.  All illegally parked motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, dumpsters and trailers will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

The streets are generally plowed in the following order.  However, this procedure is subject to change based upon various emergency conditions, which might arise.

1. Clinton Street                               11.  Market Street                                                    
2. Albany Avenue
                             12.  Center Street & Court

3. Pine Street                                   13.  Upper Paine St.                          
    Walnut Street                               14.  James Street
    Saratoga Street 
                          15.  High Street
    Whitehall Street
                          16.  West Street
    Lower Hudson Avenue
              17.  John Street
    Harlem Street
                              18.  Mohawk Street
4. Cannon Street 
                            19.  Swan Street
5. George Street
                              20.  Bleecker Street
6. Arch Street
                                   21.  Tibbits Avenue
7. Hudson Avenue
                           22.  Cohoes Avenue
8. Lafayette Street & Park
               23.  Veterans Mem. Dr
9. Lower Paine Street
                      24.  Cannon Street(N.End)
10. Hamilton Street

All vehicles, which are not moved for snow plowing operations, will be ticketed and towed.  The fine is $50.00, the fee for towing is $75.00 and there will be a storage fee of $5.00 per day after the first 24 hours.  All fines and fees must be paid at the Green Island Police Department before the vehicle is released.  There will be an additional charge if special equipment is required to move the vehicle from the street.

Residents who work out-of-town or who leave their cars on the streets should make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to move their car for snow plowing operations.

The Department of Public Works does an excellent job of keeping our streets open for travel and emergencies until the storm ends and the regular snow plowing operations can be carried out.  Some poeople who have had their cars towed during past storms have complained that they have moved their car to streets they thought had been plowed and find out that they have not been completely plowed. In order to avoid this problem, PLEASE CHECK WITH THE A POLICE OFFICER, OR SOMEONE IN CHARGE OF THE SNOW PLOWING OPERATIONS, BEFORE YOU PARK YOUR CAR ON ANY STREET YOU THINK HAS BEEN PLOWED.

The Police Department travels the streets to announce the time that snowplowing operations will begin.  If you do not hear the announcement, it will not be considered a legitimate excuse for not moving your vehicle.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.